Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Program of Studies

The undergraduate program of studies lasts four years. The academic year starts on the 1st of September every year and finishes on the 31st of August of the next year. Each academic year is divided in two semesters, the fall and the spring semester. Each semester covers a period of fourteen (14) weeks of teaching and a period of two (2) or three (3) weeks of exams. According to the article 16 of the Law 3549/2007, every course should be completed in thirteen teaching weeks minimum. If not, the students cannot sit the examinations in this course. The exams take place three times during the whole academic year: a) on January/February, b) on June and c) on September.

Structure of the Program

The undergraduate program of studies includes taught courses allocated in semesters, school teaching practice in public primary schools which cooperate with the Department and an optional degree dissertation.


The taught courses are divided in compulsory (C) and optional (O).

The compulsory courses include basic courses aiming at providing a common basic education to all the students of the Department. Students must attend the compulsory courses and pass the exams. Some compulsory courses can be attended only after the successful completion of prerequisite courses. In case of failure in a compulsory course, students cannot replace it with another one.

The optional ones (O) are courses that aim at an in-depth study of specific areas allowing the students to pursue their interests. Students can choose the optional courses from eight groups-themes of courses. In case of failure in the exams, they can replace it with another optional course during another semester.


In order to graduate from the Department, the students should meet the following requirements:

  1. to succeed in the exams of all compulsory courses of the Program (26 in total),
  2. to succeed in the exams of a minimum number of optional courses from each group of the 8 thematic groups of courses (17 optional courses in total),
  3. to successfully participate in the four levels of the School Teaching Practice of the Program (included in the 26 compulsory courses),
  4. to succeed in the four levels of the foreign language they have chosen,
  5. to achieve a total number of 171 credits, equivalent to 240 ECTS credits.

The courses, Compulsory (C) and Optional (O) are divided in eight  THEMATIC GROUPS OF COURSES