The Department

The Department of Primary Education was established in 1985, and the first group of students enrolled in the academic year 1988-89. The Department of Primary Education belongs to the Faculty of Humanities. The department is located in the city of Volos, the site of the main campus of the University of Thessaly.


The Department’s mission is to pursue excellence in education, research and professional practice, making a positive contribution to the development of individuals, institutions and societies, in a time of rapid social change. To this end, it primarily aims at:  

  • Cultivating and developing the sciences of education through teaching and research.
  • Providing prospective teachers with the knowledge and abilities necessary for a successful academic and professional career.
  • Providing a positive contribution to support and develop the quality of educational systems and related fields of policy and practice in our country.  
  • Providing solutions to pedagogical problems in general.
  • Providing high-quality, research-informed undergraduate and postgraduate learning and teaching programs.
  • Seeking collaboration with other related University Departments in the country and abroad.
  • Promoting an educational policy that aims at the Department’s continuous academic development.

The above aims are implemented through the Undergraduate Program of Studies that aims to provide students with the skills and expertise to support children's learning in primary education, combining sound educational theory with dynamic teaching practice. Taking into consideration the challenges of modern societies, our Undergraduate Program of Studies aims at providing students with both global professional development and teaching expertise.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Apart from the traditional choice of employment in public or private primary schools where the demand for well-trained professionals is continuously increasing, the graduates of the Department can be employed in children’s centers, youth and childcare centres, cultural organisations, children’s camps, children’s libraries, museums, mass media and publishing houses which publish educational material.